MX Nylon is utilized in PET bottle applications worldwide, in both multilayer and blend structures. MX Nylon improves the gas barrier performance of PET in bottles and because it has very similar physical and thermal properties to PET, and it is also easy to process and recycle. MX Nylon is your best choice as a barrier material in PET bottle applications for tea, juice, carbonated soft drinks or beer.


MX Nylon superior gas barrier properties make it the best material for multilayer sheet applications used in thermoform containers, where special retorting and sterilization needs must be met.


MX Nylon has been utilized for biaxially oriented film applications, both multilayer and blends in combination with Nylon-6 and/or PET for improving gas barrier properties. It has also been used in multilayer films in combination with olefinic resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene for not only improving gas barrier properties but also in retorting applications where EVOH has limitations. MX Nylon has demonstrated its unique properties in combination with laminated paperboard applications. MX Nylon has the benefit of good gas barrier properties, but it is also easy to laminate at high process temperatures and production speeds. Laminated paper board applications include containers of tea, vegetable juice and soy milk.

Engineering plastics

MX Nylon’s properties of higher physical strength, modulus, and glass transition temperature and superior gas barrier properties make MX Nylon well suited for engineering plastics for automotive applications. The injection molding and compounding grade has a low relative viscosity and high glass transition temperature suitable for blending and compounding.