About Us

In 2003 MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc., invested and licensed by Japanese chemical manufacturer Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC Tokyo, Japan), constructed a proprietary state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Colonial Heights, Virginia, to produce MX Nylon, a polymer used in engineering plastics and food packaging.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Inc. (MGC) developed a unique polymerization technology especially for the manufacture of MX Nylon. Production plants are located in Niigata, Japan and Colonial Heights, Virginia, USA. More than twenty years of experience in both process and product have contributed to the design and operation of these highly automated plants. The Virginia plant – MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. – referred herein as MAP, was designed with process controls to produce a consistent, high quality product that meets customers’ specifications.  This 30 acre facility, midway between Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia, was selected for its proximity to customers, easy access to major transportation corridors, and its ability to draw knowledgeable employees skilled in the production of polymers. With an initial production capacity of 24 million lbs/year, this state-of-the-art, highly automated facility is designed for ease of expansion. This additional plant provides our customers with better continuity of supply as both Niigata and Virginia plants produce the same products. MAP products will be supplied primarily to U.S. customers and will be marketed and sold globally.

MAP Nylon – Certified Living Wage Employer

The Virginia Living Wage Certification Program recognizes and honors employers that pay living wages. Since 2018 the program has certified more than 150 employers around the Commonwealth to promote visibility of their commitment to their employees.

MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc.

Image of MAP Office building.

In 2003, MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. constructed a proprietary state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Colonial Heights, Virginia, to produce MX Nylon.

Environmental and Quality Policy

The management of MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. is committed to the development, implementation, and improvement of systems that meet compliance obligations and customer requirements, protect and preserve the environment, and foster a work environment suitable to business excellence and career satisfaction.


Closeup image of clear pellets.

2002 – MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. (MAP) is incorporated and land is purchased to construct a manufacturing facility.