Environmental and Quality Policy


To extend MGC’s global reach and supply of specialty products and technologies to our customers.


To be the leading supplier of MX Nylon within the MGC Group of companies and the first choice for the future supply and development of specialty products to meet societal needs for high-quality and high-performance nylons.


MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. will conduct its business activities in a responsible and compliant manner with the provision of a work environment that is safe and respectful, that preserves the environment, produces quality products, and fulfills societal needs for safe, reliable products and successful businesses.

  • We will respect each associate’s character, will and ability and provide training to build the depth and breadth of skill and knowledge to enable a mature, informed, and experienced workforce.
  • We will provide a safe workplace with challenging and rewarding work so that our associates can have satisfying and productive lives.
  • We will strive for continual improvement in all areas of our business by ensuring that all associates understand their role in achieving our objectives to effectively use resources, reduce waste and prevent pollution.

We are committed to continual improvement and the prevention of events that adversely affect quality, safety and the environment.


To achieve our mission, the management of MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. is committed to the development, implementation, and improvement of systems that meet compliance obligations and customer requirements, protect and preserve the environment, and foster a work environment suitable to business excellence and career satisfaction.